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Selected by Carol Cotton, Editor, Digital Camera Magazine

Capture The Portrait
How To Create Great Digital Photos

By Jenni Bidner
Paperback 2008 Lark Books - A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 127 pages
ISBN 1-60059-269-4
$17.95 US

This book is a must have for anyone having issues with photo composition or who is new to digital photography.

In this book the author first defines what a portrait is, then we learn that there are many types of portraits. Next Jenni discusses photo fundamentals and basic portraits and shows examples throughout. Then she covers light and portraits, both natural and flash. Portrait styles, posing, and helpful tips for digital SLR users are also discussed. Jenni wraps up the book with information about image-processing software. Every chapter is filled with helpful photographs that are sure to inspire you.

The Complete Guide to Night & LowLight Digital Photography
By Michael Freeman
Paperback 2008 Lark Books - A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 224 pages
ISBN 1-60059-206-6
$29.95 US

The goal of this book is to let you master the camera skills needed to take great pictures in challenging conditions. It includes easy-to-follow tutorials on creating the perfect lowlight photographs in the digital darkroom. It covers up-to-the-minute techniques like High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) and helps you understand your digital camera and the tools it has to help you tackle lowlight situations, such as high ISO and long exposures.

The Complete Guide to Night LowLight Digital Photography was written by the author of such popular titles as Mastering Black and White Digital Photography, The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, Mastering Color Digital Photography, and The Complete Guide to Light & Lighting in Digital Photography."

This book is filled with incredible examples of night and lowlight photography. The tutorials have detailed screen shots of the software so you'll know what to expect. This book also has photos of equipment and descriptions of how each piece is used. A great addition to any Photographer's library.

Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing
By Rob Sheppard
Paperback 2008 Lark Books - A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 192 pages
ISBN 1-60059-263-5
$24.95 US

This is a Best Seller brought up to date. When it was first published in 2003, Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing was the last word on the subject. Today, there are so many advances in the field that this book contains almost all-new material. Higher-resolution camera sensors, printers with new pigment-based inks, software that gives you ever more flexible control of color, contrast, and sharpness -- it's all explained here, to help you achieve a level of perfection never before possible.

In this thorough revision recommended to anyone who is serious about printing, Rob Sheppard takes you from start to finish through the process of creating picture-perfect digital prints. There are key insights and invaluable tips on every page such as the pros and cons of RAW vs. JPEG files, the fine points of sharpening images in the computer, the advantages of a printer with six or more ink colors, the importance of choosing the right paper, and much more. With dozens of examples, Sheppard provides the hands-on expertise you need to get the professional-quality results you're looking for.

I've not seen the original version of this book to be able to compare the two, but this book is fabulous! Full of photos, details, descriptions, and 'how-to' information. An excellent educational tool for photographers of all levels.

RAW Pipeline
Revolutionary Techniques to Streamline Digital Photo Workflow

By Ted Dillard
Paperback 2008 Lark Books - A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 223 pages
ISBN 1-60059-279-1
$29.95 US

The digital format has changed photography forever, bringing with it an abundance of innovative and advanced tools, techniques, and applications.

In this unique guide, Ted Dillard brings you to the next level of digital photography -- the RAW file and image manipulation -- taking you beyond Photoshop software manuals that merely detail features and functions.

RAW Pipeline will give you a solid understanding of the process, a strong foundation of skills, and an efficient workflow from capture to print.

This book is filled with great explanations, examples, and tutorials on a subject a lot of aspiring digital photographers struggle with. Ted is a very talented instructor, as well as photographer. This is a book you'll refer back to often if you want to take advantage of the RAW format.

Digital Macro Photography
By Ross Hoddinott
Paperback 2007 Photographers' Institute Press 176 pages
ISBN 978-1-86108-530-6

Small is beautiful, and in Digital Macro Photography award-winning photographer Ross Hoddinott explores the incredible world of close-up and macro photography.

From digital equipment and solutions through basic and advanced techniques to processing your final image on computer, this inspirational guide to macro photography covers a wide range of spectacular subjects including butterflies, dragonflies and other insects; amphibians and reptiles; wildflowers, fungi and still lifes; nature and synthetic textures and patterns.

Ross uses a lot of interesting subject matter in his photographs that are used as examples in this book. It's obvious he's into nature, and he's very good at showing you aspects of nature most people never see.

This book is well written and presented. He shows lots of examples and screen shots of software applications that make it easier to understand how everything fits together. Ross is a true artist. You'll enjoy this book!

Baby Photography NOW!
By David Nightingale
Paperback 2008 Lark Books - A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 128 pages
ISBN 1-60059-211-2

Do you wwant to take "wow" pictures of babies that rival those in glossy magazines? With guidance on every aspect of creating stylish images -- from finding alternative angles and unusual poses, through editing, enhancement, and presentation -- this book will broaden your creative horizons.

There's specific advice on taking great photos at every stage of a new life, from pregnancy through milestones such as your child's first birthday and first steps. The author shares his hard-won expertise of capturing youngsters' full range of expressions -- from love to sadness, play to concentration. Intriguing photos illustrate how a change in camera settings can dramatically affect the end result. Where the photography has had a little help from Photoshop, there are step-by-step instructions making it easy to reproduce the same look. Finally, there is a comprehensive chapter on displaying your pictures to best effect -- as prints, on the internet, or even as an interactive DVD.

Whatever your level of expertise with a camera, this book will help you look at baby and child photography in a new, fresh way. Be inspired.

This is a great book for parents-to-be or anyone interested in baby photography. If not you, do you know someone who is expecting a baby? This book would be an excellent baby gift. Lots of inspirational photos and lots of detail to show you how to achieve great photos of children.

Photography FAQs: Lighting
By Chris Weston
Paperback 2007 AVA Publishing 144 Pages
ISBN 2-88479-101-9
$22.95 US

The second title in the Photography FAQs series, Lighting, offers an in-depth look at the frequently misunderstood, yet primary tool of the photographer: light.

Formulated as an encyclopedia of questions and answers across 50 topics, this book covers every aspect of lighting, from basic understanding of what light is, to the equipment that is necessary to record it in a meaningful way. Lighting addresses specific areas of photography, such as portraiture, night and low light and natural and artificial photography and, as such, is an invaluable and handy reference.

Lighting offers detailed responses to the key, reader-defined questions drawn from photographic workshops, consumer press and internet forums. It makes graphic use of visual material, including comparative images to support the text, together with compelling photographs that will inspire."

A very good book on an often vexingly difficult concept, lighting, with a lot of attention to detail, equipment, technique, and color.

Start Taking Great Family Photographs
By Mark Cleghorn
Paperback 2007 Photographers' Institute Press 176 pages
ISBN 1-86108-488-9
$19.95 US

If you'd like to take better family photographs, but don't know where to begin, then Start Taking Great Family Photographs is the book for you.

Award-winning professional photographer Mark Cleghorn explains how you can transform everyday snaps of your family into stunning images that you will treasure. Explained in terms that even the novice photographer will find easy to understand, Start Taking Great Family Photographs unlocks the technical and creative aspects of taking memorable family photographs, including choosing the right equipment, understanding photographic techniques, giving your images a creative edge, photographing at different family occasions, working with your photographs on a computer.

The first time I thumbed through this book I knew it was a must-have. After spending some time reading it, I still agree! This book offers a lot of great ideas, examples, and a strong foundation on what equipment is best for capturing great family photographs.

Complete Guide to Ultimate Digital Photo Quality
By Derek Doeffinger
Paperback 2008 Lark Books - A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 158 pages
ISBN 1-60059-166-3
$24.95 US

The changeover from film to digital has made taking great photos a lot easier. But creating what acclaimed photographer and author Derek Doeffinger calls 'ultimate quality pictures' means navigating your way through a world of possibilities that's more complex than ever before.

All the expertise you need is here: the art of choosing the right lens (and putting in through some rigorous tests)... setting your camera's shutter speed and white balance... using computer software to bring out details that might otherwise be lost... making sure all your skill and artistry are captured in the final print... and more.

An absolutely fabulous book! Derek helps you take better pictures, and shows you ways to improve your photos that aren't quite what you had hoped for. Photographs are moments frozen in time, but on paper, they don't always come out as we remember them. This book can certainly help.

Understanding Shutterspeed
Creative Action and Low-Light Photography Beyond 1/125 Second

By Bryan Peterson
Paperback 2008 Amphoto Books - An Imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications 160 Pages
ISBN 0-8174-6301-1
$24.94 US

Most readers know Bryan Peterson from his best-selling book Understanding Exposure. Now, in this companion volume, Peterson goes into one aspect of exposure - shutter speed -- in depth. This exploration enables photographers to master what are traditionally thought of as more challenging subjects, ones that involve motion and minimal light. In fact, it becomes clear that there's no reason to be intimidated either by action or by low light levels. Whether you are freezing motion, blurring it, panning, or zooming -- and whether you're still using film or have moved to digital -- you'll develop the confidence to work with any subject you choose.

I really enjoyed this book from the first moment I thumbed through it's pages filled with action-packed photographs. Peterson takes the reader on a colorful journey through the use of shutter speed and lighting. This book will answer any questions you have about shutter speed. A must-have for anyone interested in photography.

Understanding RAW Photography
By Andy Rouse
Hardback 2007 Photographers' Institute Press 143 pages
ISBN 978-1-86108-515-3

Digital photography has given photographers more creative options than ever before and RAW files offer the ultimate in flexibility. Andy Rouse is one of the world's leading wildlife photographers and an expert in getting the best from RAW files. He is renowned for his down-to-earth approach to technical subjects, and in Understanding RAW Photography he puts this into practice, explaining everything that you need to know to get the very best from each digital image that you capture.

Understanding RAW Photography takes the form of an easy-to-follow workflow, covering everything that you need to know right from the start of a shoot, to processing your images and ultimately displaying it in print or on screen.

This book is filled with inspirational photography! Andy Rouse truly knows his stuff. This book would make a great addition to any photographer's library, no matter the skill level. Definitely worth buying.

Digital Nature and Landscape Photography
By Mark Lucock
Paperback 2007 Photographers' Institute Press 176 pages
ISBN 978-1861085146

While the rapid advance of digital technology has been incredible, many people still remain unconvinced whether it can match the quality of film. However, this needn't be the case and in this easy-to-follow book professional landscape and nature photographer Mark Lucock explains how you can quickly and easily realize the full potential of digital capture, replicating and even improving upon the effects of film.

Digital Nature and Landscape Photography includes advice on the digital workflow from hardware to software, understanding creative photography, using a digital camera in the field, basic and advanced image-editing techniques, and outputting your images.

The author uses photos in this book that appeal to me greatly. He uses his creative talents in making true art. Art is a lot about feelings and emotions. His photography is filled with feelings and emotions. A nicely presented book with a lot of helpful content!


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